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Otestujte sa: zmaturovali by ste z angličtiny?

Maturity sú v plnom prúde. Minulý týždeň sa končiaci stredoškoláci potrápili druhýkrát – po testoch zo slovenčiny písali testy z cudzieho jazyka. Najviac študentov si volí ako cudzí jazyk angličtinu. Poďte sa spoločne s nami pozrieť na to, s akými otázkami sa museli popasovať tohtoroční maturanti. Otestujte sa a zistite, či by ste prešli anglickými maturitami!


Niekoľko otázok z písomných anglických maturít 2018

1. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

But in 2015, he announced his ____ to quit the army after 10 years of service, including two tours in Afghanistan.

a) choose

b) commentary

c) decision

d) doubts


2. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

Harry spent 2015 summer as a _____ at a conservation project in Africa before returning to London to help ex-servicemen and women.

a) volunteer

b) doubtful

c) credible

d) youth


3. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

Reserarch published in 2006 suggests that labelling food as ,,low fat“ leads _____ individuals eating up to 25 % more, as they feel it is safe to do so.

a) some

b) after

c) for

d) to


4. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

In a similar way, Ian ____ heard clients ask…

a) has

b) have

c) did

d) had


5. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

… why they aren´t losing weight when all the meals _____ eat are wholesome, home-cooked and healthy, when in fact i tis because they are simply eating too much.

a) being

b) have

c) had

d) they


6. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

The assortment of food pyramids that many of us are familiar ____ from childhood aren´t that helpful in Ian´s opinion…

a) for

b) with

c) by

d) along


7. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

Face diagnosis is a technique Emma Cannon, a wellbeing expert, uses to gain clues about a patient´s _____ or emotional and physical tendencies.

a) balance

b) imbalance

c) balancing

d) imbalacing


8. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

In general health conditions, large ____ ear lobes are associated with a robust and strong constitution.

a) fleshy

b) fleshful

c) flesh


9. Doplňte do medzier 2 slová:

Tiny, skinny ear lobes are _____ of a weaker constitution and less robust _____ to disease and stress.

a) reflections, resisting

b) reflective, resisting

c) reflections, resist

d) reflective, resistance


10. Doplňte do medzery slovo:

A line running down the face from the outside of the corner of the eye through the cheek denotes sadness and _____.

a) grieve

b) grief

c) grieves

d) grievs


Správne odpovede:

1 c) decision

2 a) volunteer

3 d) to

4 a) has

5 d) they

6 b) with

7 b) imbalance

8 a) fleshy

9 d) reflective + resistance

10 b) grief




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